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Pre-employment Background Screenings

Our Pre-employment screenings are all in compliance with the FCRA with consent of the applicant.

E-Verify Screenings

Our applicants’ employment status are verified and screened in conjunction with the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Social Security Administration to confirm their employment eligibility in the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

Landlord/Tenant Screenings

We are equipped to provide screenings for prospective tenants to include rental history, civil claims, eviction checks, criminal history and sex offender records.

Additional Screenings


Records Based Research

We research public birth records, marriage licenses, divorce records, death certificates, inquest & homicide/reports, asset research, estate research, business records research, bankruptcy filings, liens, UCCs, Vehicle Title History, Ancestral Military History Records Research, cemetery research/documents, food/water safety research, civil records research, criminal records research and agri-businesses research and surveys.

Notary Services

We offer notary serves for clients.

*RIDDHI’S Consulting & Research Services does not notarize documents pertaining to real estate.

Cemetery Surveying & Research

Cemeteries and graveyards are the oldest museums in the United States. Everyday cemeteries are destroyed or razed. It is important to document and preserve the history of cemeteries and your loved ones. RIDDHI’S has fully restored Child’s Cemetery into a tourist site without any public funding.


Community Service - Education & Training

Co-founder of the Veterans Formation, (1993) Columbia, South Carolina. Served as a liaison with respective constituency groups/leaders, military officials, international and local political leaders, civil rights advocates in order to communicate and share historical information with veterans and their families.

Veterans and their family members are provided with assistance in obtaining military records, replacement medals, VA-Preened Applications, Memorial Headstones and Presidential Memorial Certificates.

Federal Pardon Applications are available for Veterans with a less than Honorable Discharge.

**(For military ancestry history research, there is a small fee).

Government Benefits Counseling

We assist clients with completing applications for SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamp, TANF, formerly known as Welfare, Social Security Disability, Social Security Insurance, Medicaid and Well-Vista – a program for people under the age of 65 with no health insurance or VA insurance.

*All Government Benefits Counseling Services are provided free of charge.

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