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228 Years of Baseball

228 Years of Baseball honors the unknown history and heritage of America’s greatest athletics; displaying famous athletes from the Negro Leagues, American Leagues, Mexican, Cuban, Japanese Leagues, and famous women in baseball.

Cornbread Jubilee & Celebration of Breads

Cornbread Jubilee & Celebration of Breads is an annual event that is held in honor of the Corn Crop of 1917, agriculture, farmers and World War I. The Cornbread Jubilee & Celebration of Breads is coordinated with local non-profits organizations to educate 400+ participants about the history of corn, cornbread and the role of corn during World War I.

Kool-Aid-Sugar-Mustard & Onion Extravaganza

Kool-Aid-Sugar-Mustard & Onion Extravaganza is an annual event held the second week of August. Participants are educated about the history of Kool-Aid, Sugar, Mustard and Onions and their health benefits. Participants view artifacts and exhibits and sample several types of mustard.

Black Cowboys in the Old West

African American Contributions and Black Cowboys in the Old West, Great Plains, the Prairie State and Black Cowboys. Participants participate are provided with a lecture about the African Americans & Black Cowboy contributions in the Old West, Great Plains and the Prairie States. Exhibits, vintage artifacts and trivia.

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